Roselle Pasetes

Born and raised where “America’s Day Begins,” the water is azure, and fresh coconut water is prolific. Matured in Los Angeles, the pluralistic metropolis avant-garde in and health and wellness movements. My experiences living in and transitioning to a sprawling city from a tropical island less than half its size, and the moments in-between, have led to the creation of “Heal Deliberately.” Much like the spectrum of my habitations (thus far), you’ll see a lot of ground covered with a range of topics such as nutrition, yoga, MMA, mindfulness, neuroscience, functional medicine, evolutionary psychology and biology, travel, with some personal life lessons sprinkled in, too. Here I’ll give you the facts of what I find and my reasons for choosing my lifestyle. The rest is up to you to form your opinions and hopefully live a deliberate life of your own!


Some random tidbits about my life… (My Philosophy page here)

Morning Ritual(s) – water with lemon, meditation (sometimes in my car on the way to work if I’m short on time. you can meditate anywhere!) and a matcha latte

Workout(s) – Yoga, BJJ, Weightlifting

Favorite Exercise(s) – Shoulder presses, split squats, tricep push-ups

Favorite Yoga Pose – Happy baby

Skincare – Purity Face Wash, Alaffia Rose hydrosol & Reishi coconut water toner, and finally Rosehip oil 

Go To Essential Oil – Lavender

Makeup? – EVXO Cosmetics eyebrow powder (best thing ever!)

Fashion Idol – Em.yee (I don’t know her real name but go check out her instagram feed. now.)

Favorite Recipe – My grandma’s vegetable stir fry (pinakbet)

Favorite Snack – Buddha bowl popcorn…or popcorn in general, let’s be real. 

Favorite drink – Rose petal kombucha

What do you collect? – Polaroids and dried flowers

What’s always in your fridge? – Butter

Favorite Superfood – Reishi mushrooms

Guilty Pleasure – All forms of ice cream

Favorite Songs – Satellite, 1000 Things, Fast Car, Wasting Time

Favorite Movies – Fight Club, Big Fish, Pay It Forward, The Shawshank Redemption

Who or what inspires you? – (self) sustainability, yoga philosophy, ecological systems, my favorite podcasts, interactions with strangers, Frances Hong, Kimi Werner

Favorite Place in the World – Guam