7 Digital Detox Experiments, Reprogramming Your Dopamine-Reward System

the day before Earth Day 2017 i listened to Sam Harris’ conversation with Tristan Harris, Google’s first, former, maybe only, ethicist (yeah, i didn’t know that was a job either) and learned some alarming information about the internet applications we know and love. the insight i gained from this conversation spurred me to think about […]

To Miles,

To my brother, I’m not sure where the time has gone. Usually, I’m just along for the ride, not aware of any starting point or finish line. But in a couple days, you’ll be graduating from high school. This achievement and milestone is worth taking some time to reflect on how far you’ve come and […]

Heal Deliberately Values Defined

Transparency These days, everybody is trying to sell something to everybody else, and unfortunately, most of the time it’s with dishonest tactics and products. Dishonesty is the fundamental root cause of disease, suffering, fear, and failure. Here on the blog we strive to impart the truth in our experiences and lifestyle experiments, all sides to any and […]