7 Digital Detox Experiments, Reprogramming Your Dopamine-Reward System

the day before Earth Day 2017 i listened to Sam Harris’ conversation with Tristan Harris, Google’s first, former, maybe only, ethicist (yeah, i didn’t know that was a job either) and learned some alarming information about the internet applications we know and love. the insight i gained from this conversation spurred me to think about […]

Meditation Demystified

When I find an article I absolutely love, it’s hard to contain the excitement, especially if it involves neuroscience and mindfulness. I immediately copy and paste the URL into my Facebook messenger and start firing them Josh’s way or post them on my (lame) twitter. Now that I have this medium to share with all […]

2017 – The Year of Mantras

“The word mantra comes from two Sanskrit words: man meaning mind; and tra meaning vehicle or instrument – a tool to transport the mind from a state of activity to one of stillness and silence.” [1] When I first started to see my chiropractor, Sara Chong at Momo Chiropractic in Oakland, she immediately noticed that my adrenals […]