Afternoon Delights

Hi HD warriors! It’s been awhile…sometimes you just need to live life out on Lake Tahoe with some of your best friends and leave the writing for another time. If you get too sucked into the blogging aspect of life, are you living life for the blog or blogging to share how you live your life? Important […]

Afternoon Delights

Hey HD peeps, This week I’ve been taking full advantage of my free trial at ROMWOD and…I. Am. Addicted. I end each day on my mat with their guided stretching video (~25 min long) and start the next day with the condensed version (~10-15 min) at the gym. I’ve come to realized that I am the kind of person that […]

Why You Should Think Twice About Birth Control

This post was largely inspired by Chris Kresser’s podcast episode with Sara Gottfried, MD. Give it a listen here!  How do birth control pills work? Birth control pills, also known as oral contraceptives (OCs), primarily come in two forms – progesterone only or as a combination of estrogen and progesterone. If you are curious what kind […]

Afternoon Delights

Hey guys, Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about Afternoon Delights! Just got a bit sidetracked with the possibility of a spontaneous reunion with Rose in LA. Long story short, she didn’t make it out, which seriously tested my ability to accept the current situation (thank you universe!). Luckily, we already planned a mountain retreat in […]

Heal Deliberately Values Defined

Transparency These days, everybody is trying to sell something to everybody else, and unfortunately, most of the time it’s with dishonest tactics and products. Dishonesty is the fundamental root cause of disease, suffering, fear, and failure. Here on the blog we strive to impart the truth in our experiences and lifestyle experiments, all sides to any and […]